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Desihungama 2012


Be there for live music by Junoon.

Date: August 25, 2012
Event Details: Desihangama 2012


Song for Pakistan "Open Your Eyes"

Preview: "Open Your Eyes"

Salman Ahmad has composed and recorded a special song for Pakistan Flood relief called "Open Your Eyes" with Peter Gabriel. [Press Release]

Available on all digital download websites!
Purchase and download "Open Your Eyes" from iTunes
(Each download helps Pakistan Flood Relief)


Salman Ahmad in Tilburg, Netherland


Salman Ahmad of Junoon Tilburg, Netherland for "The Festival Mundial" the largest WORLD MUSIC festivals in the region on June 17th, 18th & 19th, 2011.

June 17th, 18th & 19th, 2011

Common Chords: The Healing Power of Music and Song at USC


On Tuesday, January 18th, the band Common Chords will perform a concert at USC's Bovard Auditorium at 7:30PM. They are fronted by Salman Ahmad (founder of the seminal rock band Junoon) and Yale Strom (world renowned klezmer artist). Featuring Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, and Christian musicians, they play fusion music that blends qawwali, klezmer, bhangra, jazz, and rock. RSVP for event

Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Timing: 7:30PM



Celebrate a night of unity amidst diversity at the UnityJam 2011 Benefit Concert, Sunday, January 16, 7pm at the Spangenberg Theatre in Palo Alto, California. Headlining the event will be Salman Ahmad, world-renowned rock musician and Junoon front man – the so-called James Brown/Bono of South Asia – and co-founder of SSGWI. Through his role as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, Ahmad uses his music and celebrity to bring light to humanitarian causes worldwide. He will be joined by fellow musicians Yale Strom, Elizabeth Schwartz, John Alec, Sunny Jain, and Lou Fanucchi.[more...]

Date: Sunday, January 16, 2011
Timing: 7PM

Salman Ahmad's interview with Desi Blog and South Asian News Website OurDesiWorld.com


Salman Ahmad's interview with Desi Blog and South Asian News Website OurDesiWorld.com. He talks about his new song for Pakistan "Open Your Eyes", and how you can participate in making a difference.




SSGWI is providing relief to the victims of the recent floods in Pakistan by sending food and emergency supplies. For as little as $35 you can help feed a family of 7 for 14 days.
Please donate generously and help in the relief effort.

www.ssgwi.org & www.unhcr.org

Salman Ahmad on BBC World's Hard Talk


Salman Ahmad discusses Rock & Roll Jihad with BBC Hard Talk correspondent Stephen Sackur on Wednesday July 7th 2010.

(check your local programme timings)

Junoon - Rock & Roll Jihad
"Available for Pre-order"


Junoon - Rock & Roll Jihad
"Available for Pre-order"

Album will be released on June 1, 2010.

Rock & Roll Jihad Including 5 brand new studio recordings and 5 electrifying tracks from "The concert for Pakistan"

Salman Ahmad ''Junoon'' at Times Square


Salman Ahmad and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at Times Square Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd 2010.

[Click here for pictures...]

Salman and Samina Global Wellness Initiative!

The Salman and Samina Global Wellness Initiative (SSGWI) is dedicated to making a tangible difference all around the world in a way that increases understanding, cooperation and mutual enrichment among cultures.

This New York-based NGO focuses on three main areas: interfaith and cross-cultural dialogue; global health and wellness; and music education. Throughout their lives, Salman and Samina Ahmad have worked on raising social awareness and bringing people together, through music, media and advocacy.

SSGWI further enables them to draw a worldwide network of partners into their efforts to connect East and West in life-affirming ways.
website: www.ssgwi.org


This is the time for the world to show solidarity with the people of Pakistan. Spearheaded by musician and UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador Salman Ahmad, a special event will be organized on September 12th, 2009 to bring together a range of well-known artists and personalities in a display of unity to raise awareness as well as funds for Pakistani IDPs.

Be a part of this incredible, once in a lifetime event and join

Junoon, Sting (via video), Jeff Skoll, Qawwali singers, Outlandish, Deepak Chopra, Rabbi Shergill, Bobby Sager, Susan Deyhim, Naif Mutawa, UN Sec. General Ban Ki Moon (requested), and many, many more celebrities as they come together to raise awareness for this humanitarian crisis.

Saturday, September 12, 2009
Timing: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Venue: UN General Assembly Hall
(By invitation only)
Email us at: info@ssgwi.org or Call: 845-821-0481 or 646-651-6690 for more detailed information.

Jazba Junoon/Pakistan World Cup Champions Video YouTube Contest!

Junoon.com celebrates Pakistan's resounding world cup 2009 T20 victory. As a tribute to our team, Junoon has announced a special prize for the fan who comes up with the Junooniest "Jazba Junoon" video using footage in the form of images and video clips from the T20 World Cup; the people of Pakistan in the celebration fervor and images of the band itself.

So show your Junoon and upload your Jazba Junoon 2009 World Cup video on YouTube and email your YouTube links to saminadr@gmail.com or post them on Junoon.com/forum

Hai Jazba Junoon tu himmat na har!
(If you have the spirit of passion don’t give up)

Salman Ahmad's message on world cup victory (click here...)

Salman in NY - The White Party!

Live Performance Line Up for The White Party FUNdraiser. [click here...]

June 30, 2009
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: 511 W. 28th Street off of 10th Avenue

Gratitude from Salman Ahmad for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Salman Ahmad is touched by Brangelina’s million-dollar gesture and hopes that AR Rahman would respond positively to his request of performing at the UN concert.

Musician and UN Good will Ambassador Salman Ahmad was in for a surprise when his appeal to raise funds for the three million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Pakistan was met with a $1million response by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Driven by the Junoon to work for his country, the musician is all set to put together a UN concert by roping in Hollywood, popular musicians across the globe, and yes, the double Oscar winner, AR Rahman as well. Salman, who is hoping for a positive response from the wizard of Indian music, tells CT that making his presence felt at the UN General Assembly hall will only make Rahman a bigger star. [more...]

Salman Ahmad on Michael Jackson's death

I was deeply saddened by the news of Michael Jackson's death yesterday.

Being a rock guitar player growing up during the era of Thriller , My first zen moment with Micheal Jackson happened when he released "Beat it" (Thriller). It included a searing double tapping guitar solo from my eighties heavy metal guitar hero Eddie Van Halen .For the very first time I heard a cultural and musical fusion between African-American dance pop and White heavy metal music. it was totaly addictive and infectious. No longer was it uncool for rockers to listen to Michael Jackson. [more...]

Natchoon Gi Mix!

Download Natchoon Gi Mix by “The Disco Pusher Mix”


[for discussion click here...]

Melissa Etheridge with Salman Ahmad at Atlantic City!

Salman Ahmad & Samir Chatterjee at USC!

The Office of Religious Life and the Office of the Provost Present
Salman Ahmad and Samir Chatterjee
November 6, 2008
Bovard Auditorium, USC
By Varun Soni

On November 6, 2008, Salman Ahmad and Samir Chatterjee played an inspired two hour set of music to a rapturous audience of 500 at USC’s historic Bovard Auditorium. USC has more South Asian students than any other university in the US and a full spectrum of its South Asian diversity was represented at the concert. Students from Lahore, Karachi, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, London, New York, and Los Angeles enthusiastically sang and clapped along with Salman and Samir as they performed Junoon favorites including “Sayonee,” “Bulleya,” and “Meri Awaaz Suno,” and Sufi-rock classics such as “Lal Meri Pat,” “Allah Hu,” and “Man Kunto Maula.” [click here for full review & pictures...]

Junoon Conquers Cornell University!

Junoon enjoyed performing a historic sold out concert at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York on 25th October 2008. The event organised by the Pakistani and Indian student associations of Cornell was a colorful and ecstatic display of Sufi-Rock and South Asian music and poetry. The crowd's hospitality and warmth brought the best out of the whole band who were in fine form. Salman Ahmad. Samir Chatterjee, John Alec and Sunny Jain rocked the Bailey auditorium for an electric 90 minute set of emotion and virtuosity which overwhelmed the crowd. [more...]

[Click here for pictures]


Loyal Junoonis and loving family and friends, the hour is fast approaching and there exists a fierce urgency of NOW for all of us to act in concert and unity to help elect Barack Obama as the next President of the United States. If you haven’t registered to vote, register now and do it immediately. Act now and you will be helping to change America and the world. Don’t Delay, there are only three weeks left to register! [more...]

May the Junoon be with you always!

Salman and UN SG Bank-I-Moon at UNAIDS Summit in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
From Kashmir to Jerusalem...
From Kashmir to Jerusalem and a UN Summit enroute, Junoon Vocalist Salman Ahmad's music Straddles many worlds

It's BEEN almost a decade since they hijacked the Indian popularity charts with their first hit Sayonee, but Pakistani band Junoon's work continues to enthrall music lovers on either side of the border. After performing at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and more recently in Kashmir, the band has now been invited by the UN Secretary-general to perform at the Global Insight Summit in the US. [Full article...]
:: 8th June
India's Outlook on Junoon in Kashmir!

Kashmir Cantata

Junoon, the soft-rocking dervishes from Pakistan, came as a rare musical interlude

Namrata Joshi
Outlook India

Despite staying in the same hotel, it proved hard to pin down Salman Ahmed-the lead singer and guitarist of the Pakistani Sufi rock group Junoon-for an interview. Faced with opposition from hardliners against his concert, he preferred to lie low, doing riyaaz at the crack of dawn by the peaceful expanse of Dal Lake, instead of talking to the media. But after the success of the concert, it was quite another story-Salman had become an instant celebrity, a bigger presence in the Kashmir capital than the visiting president of India. When our turn with him finally came at 2.30 am, you could hear the joy in his voice, even at that unearthly hour. [more...]
Salman Ahmad's Interview on CBC (Podcast Link) and BBC!

Junoon Rocks Srinagar with Peace Message!

Srinagar, May 25 - Trouble-torn Jammu and Kashmir rocked not with the sound of bullets, screams, and bombs but with the sound of music.

Pakistan’s sufi rock band Junoon’s much awaited performance at Dal Lake in the capital was greeted with a lot of excitement and energy, as thousands here were held mesmerised by Pakistani rock band Junoon's eclectic fusion of Sufi music and western tunes.

[Click here for Pictures...]
Salman Ahmad Rocked DePaul Chicago!

Salman Ahmad Rocked Chicago, DC on 20th April 2008 at DePaul University. [click here for pictures, videos & reviews...]
Salman at Pomona College, Claremont, California!
Musician, medical doctor, goodwill ambassador, and Pakistan’s first rock star Salman Ahmed performed for an audience of more than 300 people Sunday night at the Smith Campus Center, promoting his lifelong dedication to the people of South Asia.

A noted humanitarian, Ahmed screened a short documentary about his work with his band Junoon, and later performed a set with maestro tabla player Pandit Sameer Chatterjee. Ahmed is both the lead guitarist and founder of Junoon, one of South Asia’s most popular rock bands. He specializes in Sufi rock, his creation, which blends conventional rock and traditional Sufi music and imagery. [more...]
:: 29th February
Salman's Message on Benazir Bhutto Assassination!
Benazir Bhutto's assassination is a stark reminder that Pakistan needs to restore the rule of Law, immediately. Otherwise, the law of the jungle will devour the fabric of society - Salman Ahmad

[for discussion click here...]
:: 31st-Dec-2007
Salman Ahmad Performed at Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony in Oslo!
Salman Ahmad Performed at Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony in Oslo, Norway on 10th December 2007.

[Click here for Review and Pictures...]

[Click here for Video...]
:: 12th-Dec-2007
Salman Ahmad's Music Class at Queens College NY
Fall 2007-2008

Fall 2007 - Spring 2008 - New York
Salman Ahmad to Start Artist in Residence Program at The Queens College in Flushing New York From Fall 2007 - Spring quarter 2008.
Click here for further details...
Infiniti available NOW on iTunes!

Salman Ahmad Junooni is the first Pakistani rockstar on iTunes, and you can download his new album infiniti from the iTunes Store. For more informations check out isufirock.com

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August 25, 2012 - Chandni Restaurant, Newark [details...]

For concert queries please contact:
Dr. Samina Ahmad (Manager)
+ 1 845-821-0481
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