Led Zeppelin, A Force for Peace
(By Salman Ahmad and Mark LeVine)

Led Zeppelin, A Force for Peace

NEXT WEEK'S reunion of Led Zeppelin is among the most anticipated in rock history. And with good reason. In the 1970s, the British band was mesmerizing. But beyond unforgettable songs and legendary live shows, Led Zeppelin broadcast a powerful message to fans who tuned in to the right frequency. Bring the soul of the West and Islam together, Led Zeppelin told us, and you can produce a musical force powerful enough to break through the barricade dividing the two civilizations. In its way, this message is far more subversive than the Satanic themes the band was accused of "backmasking" into "Stairway to Heaven."
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 :: 08th-Dec-2007
Salman Ahmad's Views about Emergency in Pakistan on

A False Choice for Pakistan

As Pakistan descends into political chaos, much attention has been given to two leaders competing for power -- the current dictator, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, and the media-savvy former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto. The White House appears to be backing Musharraf as its best bet in the "war on terror," while much of the world's media and Western liberal elite see Bhutto as a democratic savior for a country mired in Islamic fundamentalism.
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:: 19th-Nov-2007
Aliens In America - The Music Video

PJ Olsson & Salman Ahmad cover Nick Lowe's "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding". This will be used as the theme song for the sitcom ALIENS IN AMERICA.

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:: 04-Oct-2007
Salman Ahmad Invited by Jimmy Carter To Faith and Freedom Conference!

Former US president Jimmy Carter has invited Pakistani rock musician and U.N. (AIDS) Goodwill Ambassador, Salman Ahmad, to come and address the delegates of the Faith and Freedom human rights conference to be held at the Carter Center in Atlanta on September 6-7.

Salman will speak and also screen his documentary film on Pakistani culture and politics followed by a live unplugged performance of his Sufirock music for the delegates which include global human rights activists, diplomats, social entrepreneurs and college students from Atlanta, Georgia.

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:: 30th-Aug-2007
Article on Salman Ahmad in the Wall Street Journal!!!

Early last winter, Salman Ahmad -- Pakistani rock star, United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for HIV/AIDS, proud Muslim -- could have been playing his highly popular music in any big city in the U.S. or beyond. As the founder of the wildly popular "Sufi rock" group Junoon, Mr. Ahmad has performed with his former bandmates or solo in locales as diverse as New York's Central Park, New Delhi's Old Fort and even before the U.N. General Assembly. [Full Article...]

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:: 21st-Aug-2007
The American Muslim!

NEWSWEEK: Salman Ahmad appeared in Newsweek's new issue about America-Muslims. Newsweek has focused on the American-Muslim community and devoted a cover story to it. The Islamic experience in the United States, as related by Daisy Khan, executive director of the ASMA Society, and Salman Ahmed, a rock singer. [Video] (ON FAITH) is also doing a week long discussion on Muslims and Islam.

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 :: 22nd-July-2007
Salman Ahmad at GEO'S discussion programme ALIF!

A thought provoking discussion between renowned musician Salman Ahmad, Shafqat Salamat Ali, and two Religious Islamic Scholars spanning Islam and Music; often deemed as a very controversial topic.

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:: 22nd-July-2007
Natchoongi/I Want to Dance Remix Contest!

Natchoongi/I Want to Dance Remix and Video Contest on Magnatune and Secondlife.
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:: 12th-June-2007
Pakistani Rock Star Striking a New Chord!

Salman Ahmad brings a new message of peace and respect through his charismatic ability, as moderates and extremists are vying for influence and power in the sub continent region. Resident teacher, at Queens College the city University of New York, his message is beginning to expand beyond Pakistan. [Read Full Article...]

 :: 07th-May-2007
New Junoon Coexistence/Ghoom Tanna T-Shirt!

By Buying The Ghoom Tana Co-Existence T-Shirt you are Empowering Women who are living with HIV/Aids and By Wearing It You will be Promoting Religious and Cultural Harmony on our Planet.

The Ghoom Tana -Co-Existence T-Shirt Project came about as a Joint Collaborative Venture between Salman Ahmad, Samina and Bono's Apparel Company Edun Live. This T-Shirt Is made by HIV/Aids Affected Women who work from A Factory in South Africa. [more details...]

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Salman Ahmad at UT Austin!

Salman Ahmad Rocked UT Austin Texas on 18th April 2007.

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Salman Ahmad Rocked Karachi!
The Magnificent combination of Guitar and tabla was experienced by the crowd here on 23rd March in Karachi by Salman Ahmad and Pandit Samir Chaterjee who were invited to perform.

A tremendous Guitar performance by the Sufi Rock Star "Salman Ahmad" and thunderous superb tabla performance by the Pandit Samir Chaterjee was witnessed by the ecstatic crowd. For pictures click here…
Salman Ahmad at UT Austin!

Salman Ahmad Rocked UT Austin Texas on 18th April 2007.

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Article on Salman Ahmad in New York Daily News!
Salman Ahmad has returned his guitar for teaching at Queens College, New York. The lead singer and guitarist of groundbreaking South Asian band Junoon, Ahmad is an artist in residence at the Flushing campus this spring, where he is working to bridge the culture chasm between Islam and the west with song. [more...]

Salman Ahmad Rocked Chicago!

Salman Ahmad of Junoon rocked the Northwestern University at Evanston/Chicago in an event that marks the 10 years of, a site which Junoon launched back in 1996/1997 even before many famous western artists.

Playing to a diverse predominantly college crowd and accompanied by the experienced ace Tabla Player Pandit Chatterjee, Salman kept the die-hard Junooni crowd at Chicago up on their toes, by giving them a taste of the sufi-rock genre that he practically invented, through songs such as Sayonee, Khuddi, and Allahu.

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10 years of!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of! This site went up back in late 1996, and then fully revamped in early 1997! Back then even alot of western artists did not have their websites. [more...]

Salman Ahmad Rocked Delhi!

Salman Ahmad Junooni rocked Old Fort, New Delhi on 24th February 2007.

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Salman Ahmad in Denmark!
Salman Ahmad was visiting the Danish capital Copenhagen to present the documentary film, 'The Rock Star and the Mullahs'. After screening the film, Salman Ahmad answered questions from the audience of approximately 130 persons who had found their way to the Copenhagen cinema Grand Theatre.

Salman Ahmad's presentation took place on a late Saturday evening, 10 February 2007. He spoke not only about music and Islam, but also about how religion is used for political purposes, and about Pakistan's future. [more...]

Watch John Lennon's Give Peace a Chance music video!
Watch John Lennon's Give peace a chance music video featuring the voices of Asia, including Salman Ahmad of Junoon .

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